Alden Richards: What A Journey It Has Been

I saw you cry again……… a few times on TV actually! Oh man you are showing us your vulnerable side and you always make us cry with you. I don’t know you personally but I can feel the overwhelming joy, regret, pain and hurt all rolled into one as you choke while your eyes well up with tears. I feel you Alden – how you are coping up with the loss (of your mom) and how you are trying your best to live up to her dreams and wishes for you. I pretty much know – a loss will always be a loss no matter how many years it has already been. The pain will always be there (and yes I believe it never goes away). The thing is, it only gets more bearable over time.

I can see how you love your mom so much but life has to go on……..and you are proving it in a positive and productive way. Behind your good looks, you must be a good and loving son (every parent hopes to have) to deserve whatever it is you have now. You have slowly inched your way up to where you are right now. Your daily exposure in Eat Bulaga must have helped but more than that I guess – you have a lucky charm in Maine. You deserve it – well, a perfect example of God’s perfect time.

I’m loving you more now that you have started to loosen up (Maine must have been a positive influence) compared to the past weeks I saw you in Eat Bulaga. Are you even aware that she brings out the best in you? I see now the spark in your eyes and man! – i have never seen you more relaxed and transparent. That’s the spirit – perhaps that’s the reason why people have become more drawn to you now than the past weeks. You have transformed –not just the typical boy-next-door guy but a more fun Alden to watch. Fans just love you that way….keep it up. You, seeing Maine taking it easy and having fun with what she’s doing must have really swayed you to do likewise.

Five years in the business is a long wait. You had your ups and downs but you have proven that patience is a virtue…. This journey of yours is such a learning experience with a lot of rough patches along the way and if life wants to throw you more lessons then you should be prepared to accept it with humility and faith in God!

Way to go Alden Richards………



Until this ALDUB thing came……..Who doesn’t know Yaya Dub? Or Maine Mendoza? Surprisingly, she has become a household name.

She’s a charmer…. Whether she wears a classy smile or a morphed face (who in the world cares) she can “sell” without really trying hard. Her innate charisma does it all for her. Only three months in Eat Bulaga’s JFAAFJ segment, oh boy! She’s gone a long way…….

Maine as Yaya Dub

Product endorsements have been coming her way (with and without the other half of AlDub) with overwhelming sales reports. She has started shooting for a movie, already a recognized name in social media, holds the third fastest growing profile worldwide, acknowledged by some international celebrities, fans and supporters all over the world – all happening only a few months in the industry. Bless this girl! Perhaps more in the offing…. Whether you like it or not, she is pretty doing a good job in capturing every Juan’s heart.

From her grim-faced dub-smashing Yaya Dub character, who would have thought that this simple unassuming girl’s presence was to play a significant role in the 180 degree change on the show EB (viewership-wise/ratings game) and the people she’s working with? Call it Divine intervention – yes but was it her elusive smile (caught on camera) on Alden Richards that started the craze now known as the ALDUB phenomenon. It’s been three months and yet the hype is still holding up but of course with the bayanihan of ALDUB nation. You can’t argue with the record-breaking 26 million plus tweets (Sept. 26 if I got it right) validated by the Twitter execs themselves. ALDUB, you blaze the trail…

Alden’s career is in full swing (it’s about time though) as a single entity. Think about God’s perfect time – hardwork finally paying off! Wally Bayola was redeemed by his role as Lola Nidora and has been recently recognized for his role in the Kalyeserye plus an endorsement with Yaya Dub. Paolo and Jose are also making raves for their remarkable antics in the series. Just can’t get enough of them.

Forget about the bashers – you rock girl!!! Maine, do

everything  you touch really turn to gold?”


I hope I got all my facts right…otherwise I stand corrected.

The House that Built Me

For the longest time, I am starting to miss the rustic life.

I was born and raised in a pastoral atmosphere where I have experienced the ease of simple living – quaint and very laid-back lifestyle. Dogs, chickens, ducks roaming around were a familiar sight. We had a small vegetable garden that provided us with fresh tomatoes, eggplants, okra, camote tops, string beans and some other “bahay kubo” stuff. Fruit bearing trees surrounding a pretty open backyard served as an open shelter while having a midday sleep on hot summer days. How I loved the soft summer breeze that would lightly brush my sun-kissed face.

Before the sun would even hit east, I would be awakened by the sound of chirping birds. And oh! There’s a different feeling that morning dew brings – a fresh start of a new day.

We had an all wood ancestral house that swayed with the wind whenever a typhoon would hit. That would also mean the death of the family in the event that our house would be gone down. Thank God, it stood firm through the years. Old tin cans would be ubiquitous around the house that served to catch rainwater directly hitting the floor due to old rusty roofing.

It only had two rooms but quite enough to accommodate the household (imagine 5 persons in each room). We had a very long kitchen table where we shared our meals together portioned equally in small bite sizes to be able feed us all. It was in our home that I learned to share and make do with whatever was served at the dining table. Mother was an incredible cook.

The house was really old but it was our home where I spent so many memories. I had a father who worked for the government and a mother who was a school teacher but opted to take care of us eight children rather than teach other kids in school. Although we went through hard times keeping both ends meet due to father’s meager income (he had to feed 9 people), all of us were able to finish school with the help of kind and generous relatives.

Life was incredibly tough for us but I remember mother teaching me how to read and write before I even started preschool. Our old house was my school ground temporarily. While mother did the laundry, I was left with lessons to finish and had them checked after she was done with her chores. At night, I had to deal with the faintly-lighted flickering lamp since we hadn’t had electricity until I was in secondary school. She was very strict as a teacher but loving and caring as a mother. She passed on 22 years ago but I am still missing her. Father, on the other hand, went to be with the Lord nine years later.

So, I went on with life and so with my siblings. Some started a family of their own while I still remain single. Oh well, such is life! Looking back – I will never ever forget the house that shaped me through the years!