Alden Richards: What A Journey It Has Been

I saw you cry again……… a few times on TV actually! Oh man you are showing us your vulnerable side and you always make us cry with you. I don’t know you personally but I can feel the overwhelming joy, regret, pain and hurt all rolled into one as you choke while your eyes well up with tears. I feel you Alden – how you are coping up with the loss (of your mom) and how you are trying your best to live up to her dreams and wishes for you. I pretty much know – a loss will always be a loss no matter how many years it has already been. The pain will always be there (and yes I believe it never goes away). The thing is, it only gets more bearable over time.

I can see how you love your mom so much but life has to go on……..and you are proving it in a positive and productive way. Behind your good looks, you must be a good and loving son (every parent hopes to have) to deserve whatever it is you have now. You have slowly inched your way up to where you are right now. Your daily exposure in Eat Bulaga must have helped but more than that I guess – you have a lucky charm in Maine. You deserve it – well, a perfect example of God’s perfect time.

I’m loving you more now that you have started to loosen up (Maine must have been a positive influence) compared to the past weeks I saw you in Eat Bulaga. Are you even aware that she brings out the best in you? I see now the spark in your eyes and man! – i have never seen you more relaxed and transparent. That’s the spirit – perhaps that’s the reason why people have become more drawn to you now than the past weeks. You have transformed –not just the typical boy-next-door guy but a more fun Alden to watch. Fans just love you that way….keep it up. You, seeing Maine taking it easy and having fun with what she’s doing must have really swayed you to do likewise.

Five years in the business is a long wait. You had your ups and downs but you have proven that patience is a virtue…. This journey of yours is such a learning experience with a lot of rough patches along the way and if life wants to throw you more lessons then you should be prepared to accept it with humility and faith in God!

Way to go Alden Richards………


Author: lexirose7350

I am not a wife. I am not a mother. I am a just a sister with low self-esteem trying to build a world of my own. I always believe that there is something out there dreamy and fanciful no matter how rude life is. Emotional by heart, I can put up a tough front when necessary. I am not a very outspoken person but can be very conversational when in the mood. I'd like to believe that sharing my thoughts (in a platform i am most comfortable) would at least give me the freedom to express my suppressed emotions long been held in me. Writing is cathartic. A good way to release my thoughts. I value my solitude!

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