Alden Richards: A Man of Few Words

Sssshhhhh…….. I have another thing to share with you. This is yet another fangirl stuff! But this time, it’s about Alden Richards through my eyes…

Much has been said about him and his intentions. Yesterday was so far another day to deal with but he chose to be silent (as always)! How can he be so misunderstood? How can some people be so cruel and critical about his persona? Hey, my heart bleeds for him!

aldenI’ve seen him cry his heart out… a few times! Admittedly, I was always swayed by his emotions. His tears (to my heart) confirm strangled emotions that he has probably been holding back for quite a while now. But hey, this is not to say that he has never been happy with his life… ! Certainly, he has his own fair share of a “happy place.”

This, I have to say… he could easily cry “hear me out” (with the presence of varied social media platforms available) but he opts not to delve on the negativity of the world he has chosen to be part of. He chooses to just take everything in and let his inner self do the slicing and dicing. This is pretty much a struggle guys – a struggle that somehow manifests in his performances like when he sings heartfelt songs (though i have not seen him tear up in a while), does some serious acting or even when he gets overwhelmed by his emotions!

I feel for him….. his effort to liberate the weight more than his heart can contain! When he sees it fit though like when provoked, he lets go of a subtle bomb that could perhaps tame even a rather fierce lion. He rarely opens up and when he does, a two or three-word statement makes a lot of sense – it speaks volume. Nonetheless, he has maintained a humble and forgiving heart… perhaps a quality innate in him. He prays a lot! His incredible faith has brought him to where he is destined to be and that probably includes the presence of Maine Mendoza in his life.

On a lighter note, Alden’s achievements (particularly for the past 6 months due to ALDUB) have vindicated his hard work and ever grateful heart. He and Maine have been blessed big time and hopefully together, they walk hand in hand in this journey as they try to reach their dreams. For as long as they remain true to themselves and to their fans, negatrons will never find their place in the sun.

Being a silent fan, I can only do so much!!! Watch Alden/Maine grow together, find their forever and give my word of trust and support…..


(note: I just hope that RJ and Maine be given the “freedom” to be together in some events outside KS without limitations. This may perhaps avoid one party sacrificing and may also perhaps lessen bashing on either RJ or Maine)


“Alden” & Maine: A Surreal Love Story

“A love separated by time but reunited by Destiny!”

Watching Alden and Maine do their flashback scenes (in black and white) for three consecutive days in EB’s Kalyeserye got me goosies all over….

As I write this, my eyes well up!….. It’s nostalgic ( I have to note though I wasn’t part of that era) and I surmise it is their love story unfolding right before my (our) very eyes! A reincarnation of what is about to “unfurl” in this present time! What I saw were RJ and Maine (in the guise of Nidora and Anselmo)  in their past lives (blame it on my interest on paranormal stuff) and it’s pretty much leading us to what it may be one for the books – the Greatest Love Story ever in the history of live television.

ctto: Anselmo & Nidora – defying Mama Ariana Miley Zobeyala

I might be over thinking though but the supposed reel love story of Nidora and Anselmo which shows us the intricacies of a rich girl – poor boy tragic saga of the “olden days” is a telling tale of reincarnated lovers – Rj and Maine (of course minus the ever stern Mama Ariana Miley Zobeyala and her reviling). The irony – theirs now is a “real” love story in an unconventional and highly interactive setting. (I still won’t discount the fact that there are Ariana Mileys out there in the open -* read bashers*)

Hadn’t they met five years ago in an event with just a blurry photograph of them two as theam2 evidence? Not even realizing that they had an actual photo taken, them together…Who would have thought that they cross path again, crystal clear through split screen…. Yes, that fateful day (July 16, 2015) and I (we) saw what they did there! Goosebumps…………. (I don’t mind hitting the replay button more than a hundred times; unknowingly putting a smile on my face every time and still giving me unexplained feeling…)

I (we) witnessed what the two (as Alden and Yaya Dub) have gone through to fight for what is supposedly left for them – LOVE – against all odds! Then the “Tamang Panahon” came, where

ctto: Tamang Panahon at Philippine Arena

they finally met face to face…. and that culminated an event which would gradually reveal the most anticipated meeting of the hearts, for real!!!

From where I sit, it was not just an unremarkable meeting but a twist of fate working on them – sort of connivance from the heavens?!?! …. and the “consequence” is a magical chemistry of the two (RJ & Maine)! They are a delight to watch… just seeing them together gives some kind of giddiness!!! What they have (strange connection), I guess, is enveloped by a dreamlike mystery that only God perhaps and the heavens may have masterfully orchestrated.

No one ever foresaw it coming… not even Tisoy and Meng! Perhaps, all we can do as mortals (and fans) is watch and support their journey of love and life… If and when they end up together five years (or sooner) from now (pray to God), we should all be there to witness the “conspiracy of the stars”(choking back my tears now)!!!

ctto: RJ & Maine defines love through their actions

For whatever it’s worth, I firmly believe in finding love across time…… an extraordinary classic romance that we will all be looking back to several years down the road……..

Their love story will forever remind my love-hate “sentiment” about Kalyeserye (*now chuckling*).

(Note: I purposely used their real names here to separate “real” from reel…. Wink!!!)


Random Thoughts from Different Sources

“Not too long ago, we were just acquaintances
Now, it appears that we know each other too well”

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Credits: Poems Porno

“Peace is recognizing God’s presence amidst the chaos…..”


“Reliving pieces of the past may hold significance for the future….” – Thoughts on Kalyeserye episode today Jan. 26 2016


“Why choose to see the clouds when you have the option to see a beautiful day?”


Our past is a reflection of who we are today…


“Mistakes of the past should be a lesson learnt for future generation” – Thoughts on AnseRa episode February 03, 2016


“Fate is not dictated by your past……”


“Be cautious to your friends, they may become your enemy…. be courteous to your enemies because in time they may become your friends…” – Anonymous


“Everything happens for a reason…….. there is no such thing as coincidence/accident”


“…but there’s no such thing as mind over matters of the heart” – Restless Heart


“Better to lose your pride than to lose someone because of pride”


Keep the faith……… It will all be worth it in the end!


When two people really care for each other, they will always look for a way to make it work no matter how hard it is…


Why try and be fake when being real takes less effort?


“Nobody has everything but everybody has something”….AmazingGrace


“By leaving behind your old self and taking a leap of faith into the unknown, you find out what you are truly capable of becoming”


Listen without defending, Speak without offending – AmazingGrace


“Someone else is happy with less than you have…..”


“Forgiving someone is easy, it’s trusting them again that’s hard…….”


“You have two ears and one mouth. Follow that ration – listen more, talk less….” AmazingGrace


My Life’s Puzzle

I met you on a dayp3
My life’s on a disarray
I didn’t see this in the offing
But your presence made it something unusually inspiring

We started getting to know each other more oftenp4
And I knew then you were sent from heaven
You discovered there were missing pieces within
And you started to find where you fit in

Bit by bit inch by inch you started to pick up
The puzzle pieces that have messed up
It took a while for me to realize
That you were there to emphasize

p2I don’t have to be alone and gloomy all my years
Coz you will always be here to wipe away my tears
The strangled smile on my face hinted the emotional struggle
But you were unyielding in completing my life’s puzzle

I have begun to appreciate again love and life at long last
Coz I felt the sincerity within you without lust
Finally someone who completed me
p1And lastly someone who has accomplished putting the puzzle pieces back to me.

Confessions of a “Closet AlDub Fangirl”

Sssshhhhh….. I have a confession to make and this is gonna be a pretty big deal for me!

This I have to tell you guys (whoever gets to read this), hey…. I’m a fangirl now! And it’s my first time… of a little more than three decades of living a rather monotonous life. And oh!, nobody knows that I have joined the bandwagon called “AlDub”- just you and me…..

Now that I have vent a secret out, I feel incredibly proud of myself that I was able to open up (at least to someone I don’t know personally). It’s not that I don’t trust people close to me but it’s just me – I guess.

Call me uninteresting but I have always been withdrawn and reserved all my life! Ask me about my social life…. you’ll definitely get a passive response. I am not an introvert, just so you know, but I have always cherished my time alone, whether at home or just window shopping.

The time social media has become an “in-thing” all over the internet, I only signed up on Facebook (just to stay connected to only some I know) and maintained just a few friends list.(by the way I used to own an internet café and managed it myself until I decided to work as an online freenlancer – I have to note though that being online on a day to day basis does not necessarily mean a social media addict). To date, I haven’t even updated my account – boring me! Hey! The television – I love though! It keeps me relaxed and energized.

Now, the fangirl thing……..

I have always been a loyal Eat Bulaga viewer since I can remember. I’ve seen people come and go on the show and almost always every episode I have religiously watched particularly the JFAAFJ segment. I have always loved the hilarity and spontaneity of JOWAPAO. That epic July 16, 2015 was no exception. I saw it – the elusive organic smile of Yaya Dub upon seeing the dashing Alden Richards on the other side of the screen. I knew there was the unexplained charisma right there and then. And that kept me glued on the TV screen until to this day.

Not realizing, I started getting preoccupied with this couple – ALDUB! They are phenomenal, yes! But I was in denial…. I can never be a fangirl at my age! There were several love teams that came before AlDub but I never had this admiration. Wow! This couple must be something. Admittedly, I wanted more from them so I had my twitter account set up (for the first time) latter part of August.

Learning the ropes then, I just logged in regularly to see updates without actually participating. I didn’t know how to react and interact – the typical ignorance in me (not being a social media person). Five months on twitter, I’m still even way too shy to ask people to follow me….LOL! But I have improved – been quite semi-active sharing my thoughts and opinions since Tamang Panahon…. I’d like to take this as an achievement though! Things that got me like in a culture shock…bashing, negatrons, beastmode, etc… I haven’t come across those in my own little world.

I can never be obsessed but why is my wallpaper on my lappy ALDUB? I have Alden Richards’ pictures on my phone and Maine Mendoza’s too. Noooooo…. But I have repeatedly watched KS replays on Whitedove’s You Tube uploads – literally RIP replay button, my bad! The TP episode I’ve seen like a hundred times (a bit exaggerated though)! It was a magical and enchanting event that led to a historical EB’s all time high TV viewers’ ratings and record-breaking 41 million tweets. And hey, when have I become fascinated with the color yellow? As of late, several of my stuff has hints of Yaya’s favorite color.

I keep denying that I am now a fangirl but why could I not resist buying magazines with AlDub on the cover? I don’t have a complete collection though (just couldn’t find copies). I hate TVCs interrupting my favorite TV shows but the presence of AlDub’s commercials changed my perception. Noooo…. I’m still not a fangirl!!! Promise! But hey, I literally bought almost every product they are endorsing….if that’s not enough, why have I come to love their dubsmash songs?

I am into alternative rock songs but why have I come to appreciate a country song like God Gave Me You? It was on repeat in my iPod until I have learnt by heart every pause and line where Alden choked his tears back while singing the song during the Dalaw Mansyon episode …! His double platinum album – will remain to be sealed as part of my collection. I get to hear the songs on my spotify though…..Oh, by the way, it was my first time (in like over 10 years) to see a movie (MBL) in theatre and all by myself.

I get giddy seeing them together… at the sight of Tisoy….. I get overjoyed with the supposed real life love story and praying for them to end up together until they’re 70…. Or more! Why do I get hurt with all negative news I hear? And with the recent interview of Maine, I got a tad bit affected. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make me less adore them both. I’m resisting the urge to stalk… need I or do I have to do it?

Hey…… it’s our secret, I’m shy but is this a confirmation me being a closet fangirl?

A Love Lost


At night when I look up the sky, I marvel at the sight of the stars sparkling like precious diamonds. I wonder if there’s one star dedicated to me. I’ve always been fascinated with their glimmer and I have always kept wishing on the stars in that part of the northern sky. YES! I have always wished for someone I could be together with forever. How I envy people I know who find true love of their own. And yes, I’m still desperately waiting for the ONE missing in my life! I must have always been wishing on someone else’s star! (sigh….)

A Love Lost………….

I have already burnt and crossed the bridge….. that’s a fact. It’s been like over two years anyway and I have already come to terms with my heart that you are not, in any circumstance, coming back. Yes, I was deeply hurt…. But who wouldn’t when you just walked away and vanished in thin air. I was left hangin! Did you ever bother calling? Sent me a mail to explain? Dang! You just didn’t know what I went through! There were nights that I would just sit by my window staring at the dark sky, those nights that I thought would never end…tried hard to get you off my mind….tried too hard to encourage myself that you are out of my life!!! Silly me, but I kept looking at my phone for your call; excited for every knock at the door; anticipated for your skype/viber call………..and the list goes on!

When all that was left in my heart was hope, it took me a little over a year to finally dawn on me that I had to pick up the pieces and move on. I have come to appreciate that healing really takes time; sure it is, there is no such thing as mind over matters of the heart (Credits to the song)!

The fact that I am writing about you now and our past is telling that my heart has finally healed. It can be said, a love lost. Should you be alarmed? Perhaps no! You must be happy now where ever you are…! Partly yes though! Because I am ready to entertain the idea that love will find me and it will come in God’s perfect time.

I know it’s over……! But it was fun meeting you!!!