To My Dear Friend “Marcus Fenix,”

 Be happy for me….. today, I found my way back home! Ahhh! It feels great…to be with the family once again after a few years. The feeling… how do I describe it? Incomparable?!?!? I’ve realized I incredibly missed ‘em like crazy!

How shall I start my story? Hhhhmmm… okay, I visited my parentals’ resting place…’twas surreal…. Poignant memories came to life once again…argghhh the feels! How could I ever forget? I missed ‘em so badly!!! Moving on…. I lit candles and prayed! Stood there for like almost an hour thinking of nothing…. The sound of silence hit me right in my heart – yes, that creepy yet weird feeling talking to a rectangular stone ……it was then that I realized tears streamed down my face! That was quite crazy of me but I know them must be happy up there because finally I was home….. to be with my siblings.

Hey, Marcus! Many thanks dude for helping me all throughout my struggles. Sure, I know it wasn’t easy for you to be nagging me about this whole thing but it worked…. Yes, mate thank you from the bottom of my heart and I mean it. Family will always be family… you just don’t know the happiness in my heart right now…feels great to be finally home….

Marcus (you really like me calling you “Marcus Fenix, yes?), you have a way about you…in the little things you do that makes me feel I have a dear friend in you. Strange as it may seem – you being on the other side of the planet – we always manage to be in constant touch… Why do we each have this uniquely crazy love and life? Are we traveling on the same wavelength? LOLZ!

I chuckle at the thought that we get to share each other’s craziness/weirdness though you are halfway across the globe…talk about small world in this hugely gigantic universe! But hey, we are learning from each other, yes? Perhaps God allowed us to meet (though not physically together) to be of inspiration and blessing to each other. Of course, I thank our God for this opportunity though we always disagree in so many different ways…

We agree to disagree….but “life has a peculiar way of making everything workout at the end of the day!” I wouldn’t have it any other way… we get along pretty well and I firmly believe this is how we are supposed to be, yes Marcus Fenix? Anyways, whether I call you by your real name or pseudo, it doesn’t change the fact that you are one and the same….your name may change but not your entire being…….

 By the way, please say hi to Miss Londoner for me will you?





#RTLetters for MAICHARD

To My Dear Richard and Maine,

I am usually good at writing letters…but today I’m at a loss for words! Overwhelmed I guess at the thought that I am writing this simple letter for both of you, Richard and Maine (MaiChard). Know that I adore you both (first time fangirl here, a “closet” one though)! You are young, sweet and full of life….you seem to be enjoying your youth. I love that about you – your cheerful attitude towards life and the challenges of the industry you are a part of.

Please allow me to call you RJ and Meng… I’ve never seen a love story as magical and as heavenly as what you both have now. Yours is something worth telling time and again. I’ve already written this in one of my blog entries and I quote “What they have (strange connection), I guess, is enveloped by a dreamlike mystery that only God perhaps and the heavens may have masterfully orchestrated.” Would you agree with me if I say you have a love separated by time but reunited by destiny?

RJ and Meng, watching you both reminds me of a love that has “slipped away” not so long ago. It was a long term relationship but we somehow managed to keep the fire burning despite and inspite of the many struggles we went through. I’m telling you now, it was never all bed of roses but ironically that’s where we found comfort for each other – the urge to hold on firmer with what we have always nurtured for the longest time. It was something worth the wait to forever but somewhere along the way, a devastating “stumbling block” got in the way.

I am sharing a snippet of my love story in the hope that you may be able to gain something out of it. You are both at the ripe age to fall in love and perhaps talk about your future together. RJ and Meng, I know you don’t have too much time on your hands to be together only because of the demand of the industry you are a part of. If my assumption serves me right, you always make sure though to spend quality bonding time if and when time permits you. Yes, time is of the essence in a relationship but the lack of it doesn’t necessarily make your relationship less significant and interesting. Love is selfless and sacrifices!

To wrap everything up, you don’t have to waste your time suppressing your burning affection for each other. What I mean is – step up and bring the relationship to the next level because in my POV and experience, that’s when, you will enjoy most the relationship and get to know more about each other. Get over with that “waiting time”… Life is too short to be on the skeptical side. Never ever allow your love for each other to just slip away. Go out and tell the world that you have the most amazing and greatest love story in this highly interactive era.

People repeat history but you can always tweak it…. The magic lives in you and you live the magic!!! I long for the day that your hearts become one in the eyes of God! Believe in finding love across time…

Much Love,

My MaiChard Heart….


Hhhhmmmm…. Getting to know each other!!! This has got me really thinking!?!?!?

The phrase is actually all over the Twitterverse for like a few days now and why not? It was Alden Richards who uttered these words…… who can say these better and create abuzz than him? Do I want to create a hype out of such phrase? Of course not…. I was just baffled crazy the moment I heard him say it at a recent presscon for his product endorsement (Neozep).IMG_20160307_055845

It was like seriously!?!?!?!? Even his sister who was seated next to him displayed a tad bit “seriously kuya!” face…… Okay! That has got me smirking, too.

I want to be clear about this…… there’s nothing effing wrong with GTKEO! Who says it’s a cliché? Yes, it is but it’s something integral in any relationship. Now, going back to Alden Richards… who got to raise their eyebrows when he confidently answered “we are still in the getting to know stage (something to that effect)……” in referral to his relationship with Maine?

Let’s do the science and mathematics of Getting To Know….

When there’s too much clinginess and/or skinship going on, do you still consider it GETTING TO KNOW stage? Or is it just mere human nature? I get that sharing of utensils/foods may be the initial level of GETTING TO KNOW but to “lick” clean your thumb you used to wipe off morsel from her mouth is perhaps to the highest level. My guy friends never ever do that to me…. Oh! Coz they are not Alden and I am not Maine.

When he could say “no” to a possible short hair cut on her “girl-friend’s” locks…. When he could freely “dictate” a pony tail or high bun because he prefers looking at her with such hairstyle… when he could fix her bra strap without restraint on national TV…. Is it GETTING TO KNOW to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th level? My ex-bf used to admire my long tresses though. Envy not, you are not Alden, by the way, and I am not Maine.

A peck on the cheek or forehead is but okay though for friends. So when he fearlessly kissed her on the lips, is it GETTING TO KNOW to the nth power level? Or perhaps, were they just playing around for the satisfaction of the viewers?… How about the leg wrestling behind the couch? Was it a kiddie fun or a GETTING TO KNOW gesture? Only them both could do that with flying colors. We are not Alden and Maine.

When roughly everything they both have are for couples – from simple things to more valuable stuffs… (I don’t need to mention the valuable ones though). Did he rent a private plane and fly all the way to… (Boracay?) and back the next day?… When he puts over the top effort just to please her on her special day! He did spend a fortune just to shower her with lavishness including a rented (errr…… I may be mistaken – borrowed) yacht and other surprises like a man so madly in love. So, is this GETTING TO KNOW to what exponential level? Only Alden could justify all of these!

He seemed extremely comfortable with her family (even calling her mother mommy) to the surprise of the hosts around…and oh, yes even the nephew was amazingly “at ease” with him…. this is GETTING TO KNOW at its best! Sorry guys, you are not Alden.

The “E” gift… Whether there was something or nothing in the box, it’s still something to look forward to and be puzzled about. He doesn’t have to say “over thinking kills” because he opted it to be seen by viewers. I can only assume everybody knows what that cute trinket box he gave her. The mere fact that he already had it ready all this time, does that mean GETTING TO KNOW  “Pre-Engagement” stage? Don’t be envious guys, you are not Alden!

On second thought………. We really can never be Alden and Maine… you and I will never be like them. They are the most genuine people I’ve watched on TV. I never ever had fangirling moments in my life until AlDub/MaiChard was born. They are beautiful people and, without any doubt, they  radically changed the Philippine noon time television landscape. They are who/what they are… in time, yes maybe in time they will eventually open their hearts to AlDub/MaiChard Nation!

Getting to know is a lifelong process though……. perhaps until you are old and grey. You may be in a romantic relationship yet still discovering new things about each other. It’s a never ending pursuit. However, it’s not the length of time being in a certain phase of a relationship. Not even the time you spend being with each other. It is just a matter of accepting and loving his/her warts and all even at the early stage of a particular relationship.

Being in a relationship/commitment is a gamble… you win some, you lose some. You may never know what’s in store for you unless you take the risk.


credits: Quotes Gram

Poor little thingy naughtily
jumping up and down
In and around a four-walled
fence seemingly satisfied
With its present state
The cage with its splendor
comes a restrained emotion
no room to explore and
flap its wings.
See the people around
torn between watching you there
and letting you free
the perks of being up there
and taking the snag
the heart can only take
so much restraint
but how long can you endure?
The clamor is getting wild
To get out and join the fun
But locked in a bondage
That makes your heart bleed.
Freedom as of the moment
Will never be a choice
Yet you opt to be in a box
That you seem to be pleased about!
Eyes wide open
Mouth shut up
Hands tied
How are you going to fare
in a world full of pretentions?
Pretty little thing
Are you all that happy?
Or just a show off
To please everybody
In time, yes in time
Soon, sooner or not too soon
You’ll gonna get that freedom.


The violets are in full bloom
Blues and whites sprawling
What a lovely sight to see
In a garden of bees and butterflies

Flourishing for quite a while now
With lots of nurturing and caring
Pretty soon ready for picking
But wait wild flowers in between

From onlookers not a welcome surprise
Looks like they have shaken the blooms a bit
Bees and butterflies are quite in frenzy
What happens with the wild flowers now?

Seems everyone wants to weed out
Lost ones that have come in between
But the gardener says with pride
Isn’t it a refreshing sight to see?

Isn’t it too soon to think of a mix up?
Violets alone can stand on their own
With unusual colors them sure
To grace a garden that’s
been there for so long.


sky lan

Oh dear sky lanterns what mystery have you got with your loveliness
You captivate even the love birds with your extravagant exquisiteness
I bet you have something in the offing for two hearts waiting in eagerness
That instant you are launched high anticipation cannot be hidden more or less

Spread out up in the sky floating lights in full color appear so magical
Also called wish lanterns for couples longing to be united in cathedral
Watching their future dreams afloat hoping the heavens listen for real
Flying lights symbolize celebration of hope prosperity and luck perpetual

Poignant as they seem but during dark times floating lights signal positivism
Illuminating the night in connivance with the stars certainly provide optimism
For lovers in romantic escapade filled with so much passion and enthusiasm
Isn’t it compelling to witness a spectacular display of lights with romanticism?

Oh dear floating lanterns light up the sky and please be kinder to our love birds tonight
They eagerly await as you take flight soar high over and under the glittery night
Bring their prayers, gratitude for all the blessings and personal wishes outright
To God up above that their road to forever does not end but continues tonight


Waiting in great anticipation
Getting frantic as time nears
Procrastination hits suddenly
Oh why! This abrupt emotion

Frivolous giddy oh so trivial
But it can never be trifled
When eagerness actually sets in
Expectation really runs wild

Time is rather ticking crazily
Heart pounding beating so fast
Cant wait for it to happen
And bam! What the heck

Emotion slowly goes down
Comes a warm dew stream down
Frustration cannot be unseen
When it hits out of left field

Come undone, come undone