12 Midnight Thoughts

The things you do for love

Even if it means bruising your ego

Or even if it means losing your pride

Rather than lose someone because of pride


The things you do for love

Even if it means going an extra mile to be together

Or even it if means little or zero sleep just to give time

Rather than wake up with a heavy heart


The things you do for love

Even if it means going against the usual path

Or even if it means breaking the rules

Rather than suffer with a broken heart


The things you do for love

Not to forget though to leave something for yourself

Not to build your world around each other

But to leave some respect for yourself




I’ve never been an avid fan or associated with any fandom but ALDUB/MAICHARD is definitely an unbelievable exception. I came into this fandom wearing my innocence being a novice fan. It was not a surprise that I knew no one…….i took to twitter….hoping to find my place in a rather unknown world. I found ALDUBNATION…and said to myself, this is where I belong. I got excited as much as overwhelmed of how massive the fandom is……..

phil arena
Philippine Arena for Tamang Panahon

Daunting……as I struggled to fit in much like squeezing myself in into a somewhat uncertain place! Got quite excited…it seemed fun as I got to orient myself with the ropes. Months passed and the diversity quite started to sink in….varying POVs, bashers everywhere, competition, infighting and division. What I thought was no rabid at all revealed otherwise…….so, this is how it is to be in a fandom….!?!?!?

Surprisingly, it was one hell of a culture shock…the perennial “chaos” (?!) and division inside the fandom. Argh…I never imagined that inside a big group comes various groups – big accounts, small accounts, OSF, team No Group, and what have you!!! Here, came the realization of the so called DIVERSITY in this nation christened ALDUBNATION.

 Why am I here….am I even supposed to be part of this? Hell yes, I do believe so… for the love of ALDUB, MAICHARD and RJ and Maine as individuals. They’ve been part of my everyday life for nine months now and most of my idle time I spend on twitter reading and interacting with various people I have not met personally. Oh, yes I’ve gained a few decent followers now that I get to “mingle” with once in a while….consider them as my friends in a rather “virtual” world that we are a part of….

Honestly, I do observe the oneness of the entire fandom…..what makes it perhaps a tad bit in frenzy is the divergence (does it sound oxymoronic?). Yes, the irony of it all makes it unique, real and organic like Alden/RJ and Maine. We are all not the same people…we don’t think alike thus the infighting! We are critical of each other much like we critique the characters Alden and Divina, KS and EB as a whole. Have we gone too far (as fans/supporters) from what our limits dictate?

I cringe. My heart bleeds for this fandom…..the so called THINKING fandom has gone beyond its moniker. From where I sit, it has become the battle of the pride…bruising each other’s ego just to get ahead with their respective “interests.” Sad to say, RESPECT has long been forgotten a word…not just simply a word but a feeling deserving of everyone in this fandom.

We dream big….we clamor for unity….we chase our Utopian dream for the fandom but we fail to realize the existence of diversity and the absence of respect. Can we not just embrace each other’s differences…… We pretty much speak a “language” different from each other…stay with the people who understand your language and leave in peace others who don’t speak your language. Finding your ka-wavelength is the key!

I scream…..RESPECT for Individual Differences!!! LIVE AND LET LIVE…….

 I would like to share U2’s song “ONE”

 Is it getting better Or do you feel the same Will it make it easier on you now You got someone to blame You say…

One love One life When it’s one need In the night One love We get to share it Leaves you baby if you  Don’t care for it

Did I disappoint you Or leave a bad taste in your mouth You act like you never had love And you want me to go without Well it’s…

Too late Tonight To drag the past out into the light We’re one, but we’re not the same We get to
Carry each other Carry each other One…

Have you come here for forgiveness Have you come to raise the dead Have you come here to play Jesus To the lepers in your head

Did I ask too much More than a lot You gave me nothing Now it’s all I got We’re one
But we’re not the same Well we Hurt each other Then we do it again You say Love is a temple
Love a higher law Love is a temple Love the higher law You ask me to enter But then you make me crawl And I can’t be holding on To what you got When all you got is hurt

One love One blood One life You got to do what you should One life With each other Sisters Brothers One life But we’re not the same We get to Carry each other Carry each other
One…life ….One ….


So, it’s 9th monthsary as ALDUB… ohh! How the eight months went by so fast?

Not too long ago, it was just an inadvertent split screen meeting where Alden and Divina (Maine’s character in KS) were seen caught off guard. Who could forget her stunned face and pabebe wave? With widened eyes, she broke into a shy smile covering her face with a fan she was holding like a conservative Filipina. Certainly, that started the ALDUB mania…

Honestly, 9 months is pretty much a long journey already considering the humps and bumps they’ve been through…… as individuals and as a couple. Oh! Looks like I made you raise your left

2016-04-16 23.10.34

eyebrow with that “couple” word but hey, they’ve met, “got to know enough” to be comfortable with each other and “they are very very good friends now.” Their sound of silence is as loud as a growling tiger. They are showing us what love is and how it is to be in love, MAICHARD way! Guys, you get what i mean, yes?

Care to look at them? Still standing strong as ever… in their own small world. Quite interesting though, RJ and Maine have earned quite a bunch of monikers (more on RJ, I guess) as they show their genuine selves to us their fans/supporters. Who could forget “great wall of Alden,” “Kissoy,” “Boy Baekod,” and all sorts of amusing stuff….Aldubnation/Maichard Nation is just one hell a pack of witty people, don’t ya’ think?

 Did I just say “world” of RJ and Maine? Oh yes, it doesn’t surprise me anymore that they have created their own sweet world that only them both know. Fortunately though, not a place they are trying to fit in but a world they both stand out. They don’t have to friggin’ pretend who they are not and it’s quite a blessing for us fans/supporters that they let us see a glimpse of their virtual world.

2016-04-16 23.25.48Isn’t it quite ironic that their world is also within a bigger world – the entertainment industry that apparently sets some limitations on what they say and how they act around people…argh! That freakin’ drawback….. But it is rather safe to say, they are taking it well while soaring high above everyone else. From where I sit, RJ and Maine are incredibly strong and smart individuals…they discern well and know when to react and act on something.

The 9th monthsary saw RJ in tears again……ahh…the ever emotional Alden Richards. Hey, I was in tears too….for the persons they have become, for the achievements they have amassed, for the love that have evolved within them and for the long road ahead and mountains they have to trek together… I pray and I know that it will be all worth it in the end……..

And that friggin’ shoulder and temple kiss from RJ…..and ohh the tight hug…these really got me…meant a thousand words!  It was actually something but I just couldn’t grasp the precise 2016-04-16 23.26.38description of what I witnessed…….it’s just ineffable…the safest word I could get. They are happy together and it shows…they are incredibly in love! The way I see it, they are better understood through their actions than what comes out from their mouths…(do follow my train of thoughts)!

 2016-04-16 23.33.27Hey guys! RJ and Maine are actually up where they belong…far from the world you and I know. Yes, they are starting to flap their wings……sadly though, they have yet to fly high, might and free like an eagle. Now, what’s ahead of them? What matters perhaps is here and now…in anticipation of a movie that’s coming soon….a possible teleserye (hope and pray!) …..first anniversary as ALDUB…and hopefully, more. But “who actually knows what tomorrow brings?” It’s always a leap of faith into the uncertain!


I woke up late…… not typical of me. The sun is out and I could just feel the summer heat in this mid April morning. I opened my bedroom window in the east….the glaring morning sun hits my face which got me squinting…narrowing my eyes to actually just get a glimpse of a beautiful day ahead of me.  I was expecting a gloomy day…dark clouds and a little drizzly….. on a summer month? Oh! Wait!!!

Last night, it felt so weird that I secured my windows from getting blown off by the wind. The whistling noise scared me to death that I feared getting up from my bed. The sound of big waves that seemed to rush in the water’s edge could be heard from where I had my rented place on a beach resort. I covered myself with a floral cotton blanket just enough to warm me up and found me with ear plugs just so I couldn’t hear the storm’s rage.

 I was crying….so hard!!! Partly because of the extremely bad weather……but more so …I was alone and somewhat in the stage of letting go and moving on. Yes, “letting go!?!?” I had zero idea that he had to go….but he had to without my knowing! It pretty killed me… the pain…the solitude…the misery….the helplessness…the walk out. The sobs in between these thoughts had put me into a subtle slumber….

I woke up very early with a heavy heart… I took a quick look outside and I surmised that the storm had somewhat calmed down but not completely though. The rain had not stopped pouring…the waves had seemed calmer than last night! I gently pulled a small round table that was stationed in one corner then reached for a stool and positioned myself near the window facing the shoreline. As I got pensive looking at what it seemed like a blank space, I cringe….. It probably took me a little over five minutes to finally come to my senses.

Morning was rather cold and breezy…the atmosphere actually smelled freshly brewed coffee but I wasn’t in for a hot cup. I decided to write down my thoughts! I reached for my pen and notepad…..oh my ever dependable buddies…they’ve always been there through my ups and downs. My loyal companions when my world seems to crumble into pieces. My story they know of…….

I started writing my letter….Dear……..my right hand tapping the table ….thought of crossing out the word “Dear.” But I decided to go on instead and just had to bear with the idea that I still got the nerve to be sweet with my letter. Anyways, words just came out naturally as tears had started to roll down my cheeks… I was crying again for the things…for the thoughts….for the time before my “mishap” happened! I  tried to finish the letter and yes, I had managed to end it though with a sad punctuation mark….

I folded the letter….stood up and begun walking towards the door. With my left hand holding the letter, my right reached for the door knob…twisted and pulled to open the door. The rain had not stopped yet …… I settled on getting soak wet in the rain. It’s going to be fun, I had said to myself…As I trailed my way to the shoreline, my eyes were searching for a bottle….anything bottle with cover.

I had gotten to the water’s edge but alas! I had not found a single bottle…I looked around again and fortunately…had seen one partially covered with sand. With the waves rushing in, I hurriedly walked towards it and pulled it out of the sand…fortunate enough that it had a cover. I rushed near the shoreline to wash off the dirt that had gotten stuck in the bottle.

It wasn’t easy opening the bottle but I managed to do it with a little elbow grease. I slid the letter I bound with a familiar ring inside…closed it up and threw it in the waters……ahhhh…”message in a bottle” thing…I watched it sail being carried away by the ripples until it was gone…

Now, here I stood a soldier in the rain!!!




Was it a lucid dream? Or a piece of a not so distant past coming back to me? What I know of….i have totally moved on – it’s over and done with! But it keeps coming back, actually several times……..in my dreams – the beach…heavy rain, dark clouds, and strong wind! Aaarrrggghhh!!!



RTLettersforMAICHARD – 3


I write this letter listening to “Up Where We Belong.” I thought about you and your journey together…It’s extremely tough to be in the industry that you are both a part of. You wanted it and aimed for it though….now you are living the dream!!!

“Up Where We Belong” is perhaps your song of love and life. Yes, the road is long and there are mountains in your way…but you climb a step everyday…

For as long as you both have this “we are in this together” attitude, the road will never be that long and mountains will just be molehills. As early as now, it looks like you are killing it. You both seem to be hell bent in proving your detractors very wrong. I like that spirit of yours! Your youth must have something to do with it. But hey, be proud of what you have and this may not have to be confined just within the both of you. The world is waiting….just so you know!!!

As I watch you today in EB stage for your 38th weeksary (as ALDUB), I obviously see two beautiful people in a romantic relationship recounting some awkward moments that have transpired before their committed relationship. Hey you, lovebirds ya think we don’t know about that? (*insert smileys*)… The song “MIRRORS” apparently explains your relationship status. I’m giggling…giddy!!! Oh! I still smell a few filtered parts within your short stint on the stage though but the whole thing is definitely REAL. You are the definition of serendipity and destiny…. What I see is MAICHARD in Kalyeserye…. if you understand the direction of my thought!?!?!?

I beam with happiness and pride that I got to witness on live television a fairy-tale like love story in this age and time.  I hope and fervently pray that your “Once upon a time” journey continues to “and they lived happily ever after.” Yes, in this millennial age here comes an enchanting and magical romance that fiction never thought it could really happen. It’s not imaginary, not an invention more so a fantasy. It is REAL and happening right before my very eyes…. End of story!!!

My Ever MAICHARD Heart (Lexi)

#RTLettersforMAICHARD – 2

Rj and Maine,

It’s your 37th Weeksary (March 31) as ALDUB…you have gone this far and hey! What a journey, isn’t it? The way I see it, you are both enjoying the ride so far, despite the many rough patches along the way….. but that’s how it is supposed to be in the limelight, yes? It’s never a walk in the park….

Anyways, I write this letter wearing my MAICHARD heart. Yes, RJ and Maine, now that you have incredibly evolved from reel to REAL, I find you more compelling and riveting. Please don’t you ever get me wrong, I perfectly admire your characters KS Alden and Divina but I love you more for what/who you really are as Richard Jr. and Nicomaine. You are such a delight to watch particularly when you are together. The magic and strange connection just simply radiate effortlessly. Not surprisingly though, you have your own sweet world….somewhere only you both know! What is your world called again?

While you are stuck in your characters (KS Alden & Divina), you are temporarily detached from the real world obliging you to say what you say to people in and around the showbiz circle and do what you do (upon instruction) in front of the camera. I (we) may be critical about this whole thing (being in a thinking and highly interactive diverse fandom) but know that I (we) love you both dearly from the bottom of my (our) heart/s. Though I (we) totally understand your tricky situation, I (we) also want you to enjoy the perks of being young (you are at the ripe age though) and in love… talk about freedom.

The way I (we) see it, yours is not the typical showbiz couple….coz you are sincere, honest, genuine, organic and real, thus our conscious effort to deviate you from the usual route. I (we) have always loved you being “unorthodox” – taking the path less traveled by….isn’t that one thing (from a list of course) which made you phenomenal in the first place?

RJ and Maine, in an industry that’s quite full of “pretentions,” you don’t have to pretend to be the persons you are not. Please don’t you ever get lost in it… I know, you have a protocol to live by just so you could hold up being on top of your career but… following your heart won’t hurt, I guess! While it’s true, you show us your real selves and we incredibly sense what your hearts feel but you also conceal the truth… isn’t it ironic?

Please don’t get extremely surprised when I say you are both truly madly deeply in love with each other. It shows and goes beyond what my eyes can see…I may not need to specify in details what you (RJ) did and would do for Maine…such is love and would you believe me when I say that I pray for your forever more than mine? Ohh yes! The things you do for love….leaving no stone unturned! Such is the beauty and madness of love! Yes?

 Amidst the crowd’s “frenzy,” you only have each other to trust…. I can feel your struggles….doing a balancing act between your career and personal lives add to that the ever “overprotective” MAICHARD fans/supporters. Inevitably, you are strangled by your limitations being part of the showbiz industry. Pardon me but I would have to say this, you both are free but caged up. Know, though, that your struggles are just part and parcel that may add spice to your story…

RJ and Maine, live each moment… savor the moment……..your youth is yours! Life is too short to be stuck in your “getting to know each other” and “we are very very good friends” statements! These don’t actually put a label in your relationship…. C’mon! MaiChard Nation is composed mainly (hope I got it right) of discerning adults!!! Our eyes can see through and our hearts can feel you.

What if today was your last day? Would you be dealing with regrets? I would like to leave you with this… “For the lessons of life, there is no better teacher than the look in the eyes of a child….” Please savor this!

Much Care and Love,

My MaiChard Heart (Lexirose)

Pensive Moment

Alone sitting on a park bench …. I seem lost in thought as I watch a foliage fall on my lap. Poignant moment!?!?!?!? I raise my head and sigh at the idea of autumn……the leaves… the rather cold environment…. it’s the time of the year when leaves change color, fall off and pile up on the ground. The rich color of fall coupled by a tinge of chilly breeze in the atmosphere tends to cheer up my solitary moment. Hhhmmm… the smell of autumn brings back memories…walk in the woods while hopping into piles and piles of leaves…..long drive to the country side while relishing the picturesque highways! What a refreshing sight to see…… the nature and its colors!!!



I stare at the leaf in wonder…its orange hue is vibrant but swear to God I am not familiar with its kind. It comes in a very charming odd shape…zigzaggy edges that seem to be as sharp as a razor blade. Oh wait, why do I have to preoccupy myself figuring out what variety of leaf am I looking at? It just accidentally landed on my lap and who cares if it’s a leaf from a not-so-familiar tree…. I don’t even dare touch or hold it….sooo

I brush the leaf off my lap… it twirls… lands down the ground. Slowly, it moves (along with the rest of the foliage) away from me gently carried by the wind while my eyes seem to chase the direction it’s going. I envy its lightness…how it just goes with the flow without having to worry what’s going to happen next……it merely trails the course of the wind. It’s going….going….until it completely disappears from my sight. How far it could go….that I wouldn’t know! As long as it moves with the wind, the leaf could go miles and miles away!!!

 The leaf just left…alone again! Haist!!! With crossed legs, I just sit and watch people walk past me…some in a scurry while others in a leisurely walk. Now, I’m realizing I shouldn’t have let the leaf go…..I’m getting bored and no one’s going to keep me company in this depressing bench. It could actually accommodate three (3) people yet I have zero seatmate. What a solitary moment!!! I reach for my pen and notepad as I start to write my reflective moment at the park………