Pensive Moment

Alone sitting on a park bench …. I seem lost in thought as I watch a foliage fall on my lap. Poignant moment!?!?!?!? I raise my head and sigh at the idea of autumn……the leaves… the rather cold environment…. it’s the time of the year when leaves change color, fall off and pile up on the ground. The rich color of fall coupled by a tinge of chilly breeze in the atmosphere tends to cheer up my solitary moment. Hhhmmm… the smell of autumn brings back memories…walk in the woods while hopping into piles and piles of leaves…..long drive to the country side while relishing the picturesque highways! What a refreshing sight to see…… the nature and its colors!!!



I stare at the leaf in wonder…its orange hue is vibrant but swear to God I am not familiar with its kind. It comes in a very charming odd shape…zigzaggy edges that seem to be as sharp as a razor blade. Oh wait, why do I have to preoccupy myself figuring out what variety of leaf am I looking at? It just accidentally landed on my lap and who cares if it’s a leaf from a not-so-familiar tree…. I don’t even dare touch or hold it….sooo

I brush the leaf off my lap… it twirls… lands down the ground. Slowly, it moves (along with the rest of the foliage) away from me gently carried by the wind while my eyes seem to chase the direction it’s going. I envy its lightness…how it just goes with the flow without having to worry what’s going to happen next……it merely trails the course of the wind. It’s going….going….until it completely disappears from my sight. How far it could go….that I wouldn’t know! As long as it moves with the wind, the leaf could go miles and miles away!!!

 The leaf just left…alone again! Haist!!! With crossed legs, I just sit and watch people walk past me…some in a scurry while others in a leisurely walk. Now, I’m realizing I shouldn’t have let the leaf go…..I’m getting bored and no one’s going to keep me company in this depressing bench. It could actually accommodate three (3) people yet I have zero seatmate. What a solitary moment!!! I reach for my pen and notepad as I start to write my reflective moment at the park………


Author: lexirose7350

I am not a wife. I am not a mother. I am a just a sister with low self-esteem trying to build a world of my own. I always believe that there is something out there dreamy and fanciful no matter how rude life is. Emotional by heart, I can put up a tough front when necessary. I am not a very outspoken person but can be very conversational when in the mood. I'd like to believe that sharing my thoughts (in a platform i am most comfortable) would at least give me the freedom to express my suppressed emotions long been held in me. Writing is cathartic. A good way to release my thoughts. I value my solitude!

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