So now…….. I saw a pissed off Alden Richards…

We always watch him in his usual sweet innocent gestures….he doesn’t easily get mad and that’s one endearing trait of him…he sure knows how to take everything in jest making him in equal wavelength with the DABARKADS in Eat Bulaga! He seems too good to be perfect, don’t you think? But no! He’s never perfect and that’s one thing people (non- Alden fans) should try to understand!

Saturday’s (April 30) JFAAFJ Sugod Bahay episode was a teeny weeny revelation of RJ’s other side. He was actually in his element…being part of the panel…. until his real intention towards Maine,

ctto: aldub vines

his lady love, was put to a question. Yes, his sincerity was put to a “test” but (not surprisingly though) he stood his ground. Knowing his persona, he will never allow his sincerity tainted by just one soothsayer who has, to say the least, zero credibility….

Guys, my heart raced seeing his reaction….I wanted to break in my TV screen to his rescue but I just couldn’t. Impossible, yes? It was like……arrrggghhh!!! Honestly, I understood where he was coming from… his conscious efforts …his precious time…. dedicated to just one special lady and yet being judged by who knows but a lucky winner in Sugod Bahay… that was one hell of a “nightmare” for Alden Richards…. image5

Watching him, again…I saw his struggle guys! The look on his face…trying to contain his emotion. I knew he wanted….yes, he wanted to tell the nation aloud that he is one earnest guy but all he could utter was “stick to one ako!” That suppressed feeling was written all over his face…he just couldn’t blurt it out…no, not at that moment….not now….maybe…just maybe at a given time! Words were not spoken but his eyes spoke a thousand words……

Expectedly though, his love of his life, Maine, was at the helm to his rescue… she never faltered with what she always believed was the truth…she was pretty reassuring with her statement!!! I laud her for that…….it’s LOVE that I see in both of them!!!

2016-04-16 23.33.27Like I always say, their actions (RJ and Maine) are way better understood than what comes out from their mouth. Hell yes, that epic “wall” still haunts the nation…boxing them up!!! They speak in silence …..? It’s what their career dictates, perhaps…. But I do get it…the entire nation possibly can identify. Probably, not a time to “turn the page and hope for a brand new ending”…not now, not for the next weeksary/monthsary, I guess!!!

Dare you not see them “just a boy/girl caught up in dreams and fantasies!” They may have been showing off their naughtiness and playfulness on live television but guys, they are real people with real feelings! Them no perfect and so is their relationship…

Here’s a thing, theirs will never be a walk in the park….holding on to each other may help them pull through though! They are off to hopefully seeing the world and I can only just hope and pray that it’s gonna be worth it in the end….

I am holding on………2016-04-16 23.26.38



Note: (quoted phrases are from the song “Lost Stars”)


Author: lexirose7350

I am not a wife. I am not a mother. I am a just a sister with low self-esteem trying to build a world of my own. I always believe that there is something out there dreamy and fanciful no matter how rude life is. Emotional by heart, I can put up a tough front when necessary. I am not a very outspoken person but can be very conversational when in the mood. I'd like to believe that sharing my thoughts (in a platform i am most comfortable) would at least give me the freedom to express my suppressed emotions long been held in me. Writing is cathartic. A good way to release my thoughts. I value my solitude!

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