I told you not too long ago, it’s your story. You laughed about it perhaps to brush the idea off from me….

I said, listen to the song! Metaphoric…it’s beautiful, with a somewhat melancholic melody. And you did. You liked it!




Looking back, how did we actually start? Ahhh!!! You saw a post of mine, you asked about it and that perhaps initiated a what would be never ending serious talks, “nonsensical” chatters and everything in between.  We have our disagreements on some certain issues, but we always agree on one thing…. agree to differ. We crazily laugh(ed) our lungs out (till dawn) and yes, we still do every once in a while – as if we’ve known each other for so long… I couldn’t remember the number of times I dozed off only to wake up with a cracked phone display or a slightly swollen nose line/forehead. I chuckle at the thought of it – kind of crazy moments!

I know little about you. I don’t ask, but you share a fragment of your life. I know a bit about your struggles… a fight you have been trying to win for the longest time. Your routine stuff; your small world. Honestly, I am in awe of your strength of character, though at some point you hint me of you being resigned about what could be in God’s miraculous hands. But, you have a way of showing me that life doesn’t suck after all… that life has to go on!

You also  shared that you once “thwarted” an offer of a “blissful life” for a couple of reasons. I listened intently because I felt that was the best  thing to do at that time. It was you (who is not in a better state) telling me the meaning of selfless love. I, for a moment, was speechless and didn’t know what/how to react…it was a pretty tough act but there was an undisturbed tranquility in you. The more I admired you!

Today, still I know only a few things about you,  but I am not complaining. You are getting better from my perspective. I pray to God!!! It’s enough that you have dropped a tad bit of a hint about new interesting stuff in your life. I am both happy and excited about what’s next!!! I am eager to know what’s on the other side of the mountain!!!

“When you know that love is right…you gather dream bouquets! And one or two will drift away with you, through water colored days!”….. (lines/s from the song It’s Time To Say I Love You)


Author: lexirose7350

I am not a wife. I am not a mother. I am a just a sister with low self-esteem trying to build a world of my own. I always believe that there is something out there dreamy and fanciful no matter how rude life is. Emotional by heart, I can put up a tough front when necessary. I am not a very outspoken person but can be very conversational when in the mood. I'd like to believe that sharing my thoughts (in a platform i am most comfortable) would at least give me the freedom to express my suppressed emotions long been held in me. Writing is cathartic. A good way to release my thoughts. I value my solitude!

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