“Too many walls have been built in between us, too many dreams have been shattered around us…”

 He is 24. A bankable actor of  his generation being in the industry for about six (6) years now. Safe to say, he has a balanced work ethics in the entertainment industry. Man of few words….but when he starts to talk, you will find that he has quite the depth. However, you can read him through his actions – take note of his body language. His faith is quite remarkable for a young gentleman like him (thanks to his family for his upbringing)! While he belongs to the Gen Y demographic cohort, he’s a bit leaning towards a somewhat “modernized” conservative approach.

She is 21. A You Tube sensation because of her dubsmashing skills. She incredibly conquered social media with her presence in the entertainment industry. Quite reticent, she  has a pretty smart way of expressing herself (that includes her thoughts and emotions). Read her writings and posts, listen to her type of music – transparent in a cryptic way. She speaks not with her voice, hence you may need to be perceptive. She has a very down-to-earth family who supports her dreams and aspirations. She epitomizes the typical millennials – the Generation Me, yet receptive to lifestyle changes.

 The Meeting of Two Hearts…

 A love separated by time but reunited by destiny……

 Apparently, they’ve had a short but “super close encounter” during an event few years ago (2010 if my memory serves me right). They had a photo taken, together (though not able to personally introduce each other’s names). Although it came out blurry, it was kinda  telling of an entangled fate that was to come about in a not so distant future.

Five years after, came the second encounter. It was quite an unconventional reunion, but in this digital age and time, it was something “thrilling” that got the nation hooked. Yes, the nation and perhaps the whole world because it happened on live TV via a split screen meeting in a show where they are both a part of. She was doing her thing in the barangay as one of the hosts/characters (of a street skit) while he was in the studio (Broadway) as one of the hosts.

Apparently, they didn’t know each other. He was made to sit on the stage and just watch the barangay squad do their mini skit. She was in her usual dubsmashing stint until she broke character upon the sight of him on the screen, amused watching her.  Right then and there, there was a spark that ignited two hearts – probably, were in the thirst of a romantic love. That started a “never ending saga.”

The way I saw it, everything was organic and spontaneous…..the start of the epic split screen “magic.” It became an everyday narrative of two people having an attraction for each other until it eventually progressed into something more – possibly outside the show….. that  of a real and serious relationship?!?!?! (*my own truth*)

There was a “wall” that came in between them..errr “walls” I should say. This concept kept everyone in constant agog on what’s going to happen next. The mini show was compelling and it clearly translated into the mysterious(?) world of “them.”

 But I’m climbing on top
Right over your barricade
Never gonna stop
There ain’t no keeping me away….”

 As it moved on, there seemed to  be an obvious struggle in both the two being in their youth wanting to have the freedom. But the struggle was after all the“magic” itself…, it went on until way after that historic real “meeting.” I surmise, the effort has been painfully real while the feelings could not be possibly contained anymore!!! It was palpable and still is……..

“Unresolved sexual tension. It’s the engine that makes television run.”Michael Weatherly, in an NCIS episode commentary…

 It has been more than a year since the “magical” split screen meeting….would you like to know where it has led to??????……. Presumably, a “marriage” of heart and soul being clothed in Barbie and Ken!

 They say only fools rush in but when emotions are repressed…..lovers may become fools!?!?!?  There may be that unresolved romantic tension which perhaps needed an avenue to “breathe out.” It has even come to a point that a “hide and seek” game has to be played along with and around people just to get away with the caged up life they are caught up in. They seem oblivious though with the moon and stars around them –  for as long as the galaxy is theirs alone and no one/nothing  comes in between.

By the way, I am a big fan of euphemism……………