I don’t know, but…the sight of a sun going down evokes a certain mood, a certain emotion. Yes, it’s mesmerizing to behold, yet it spells a fairly “bittersweet” parting of the day! The vibrant orange and red hues that seem to envelop the western horizon simply tells of an inevitable twilight….. However, it also implies of a new day… a new beginning! An optimism that today remains to be today and tomorrow is another day…….


Author: lexirose7350

I am not a wife. I am not a mother. I am a just a sister with low self-esteem trying to build a world of my own. I always believe that there is something out there dreamy and fanciful no matter how rude life is. Emotional by heart, I can put up a tough front when necessary. I am not a very outspoken person but can be very conversational when in the mood. I'd like to believe that sharing my thoughts (in a platform i am most comfortable) would at least give me the freedom to express my suppressed emotions long been held in me. Writing is cathartic. A good way to release my thoughts. I value my solitude!

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