Top of the hill shot; one mid afternoon….

The skyline…where the sky meets the earth! So far away from where you are!!

 A poignant reminder of an ephemeral moment…..that of a “beautiful disaster.” The fairly clear blue sky is a lovely contrast to a seemingly dusky atmosphere. A perfect balance of God’s amazing creation/s.

 So vast….yet  echoes a certain sound of silence. Tranquility and coolness for the heart and soul. Still. Quiet. Laid-back. It’s a picturesque view of that side of the horizon.

It may hint what’s in the offing but you may never know what’s about to come……..



“Strange things will happen if you let them come around and stick around!!!” – Radio Dept





GERD (acid reflux) has always been and will always be my biggest nightmare.

 It may not be as fatal as any other disease I know, but swear, it’s effing “killing” me. I tell you, acid reflux is not just a simple hyperacidity problem – it comes with “complicated” symptoms that may just cause me to lose my sanity. ***sounds exaggs*** Restless nights are just the tip of the iceberg.

 Those sleepless nights, I would spend tossing and turning/getting up and back in my bed because of extreme discomfort. I cringe and most of the time, I cry! In desperation I guess, but more of a coping mechanism!?!?!?

The gassy feeling is made worse by frequent belching with a sour aftertaste, leaving a burning pain in my gullet/throat. I just hate that feeling!!! The few sleeps I would get would even be interrupted by palpitation and shortness of breath. I usually gasp for air and it actually spells S U C K S!!! It’s even aggravated further by constricted nostrils.

I have to avoid (as much as possible) vomiting just so I could prevent stomach-acid damage in my esophagus.  Otherwise, it would mean a few days “vacay” in a hospital bed and a few months of medication. I even had a month long cough that was only treated with a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). Such is life!

 Pretty creepy, but that’s acid invading my system guys…So, whoever invented/formulated lanzoprazole and domperidone (though both meds cost a pretty penny) is/are (a)genius/es!!! I thank God for you!!! You know who you are…you are heaven sent!!!