About Me

Welcome to my 2nd Home…….

In my own small world…. a world that you, too, could be a part of if you just try to grasp the person that I am. Catch a glimpse of me!!!
My blog allows me to express my thoughts joys, happiness, dreams, frustrations and pains which are strangled just within me. I write what i feel and this is pretty much freedom for me…….. getting a heavy stuff off my chest! It’s very personal that my blog site becomes my confidante and shock absorber. I like the fact that it neither complain nor judge me for whatever I scribble down… whether it’s sad, anger or frustration. My silent witness to what I am going through, what I went through and what I am about to go through.
I feel free as a bird just getting by on a day to day basis…….. loving life as it comes and warding off negative vibes along the way!!! I have always believed that there is peace and serenity amidst the chaos knowing the ever omnipotent presence of God.
  This is just me and by taking a glimpse of my writings, you will be able to understand a part of me…… Just enjoy reading and you may comment……… and please I would gladly appreciate (constructive) criticism…

There is a struggle to build my own empire that have yet to exist….